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Learning in Class R/1 Ms Keera Masters


In year 1/2 we are working hard to develop our literacy skills. In Phonics we are learning lots of different sounds and blends and looking at the different ways we use them to spell different words. In Grammar we are learning about the different rules which help us to write with meaning and structure. Over the last few weeks we have been learning about proper and common nouns and had lots of fun going on a noun hunt around the school!

As well as learning these new things, we have been finding ways to use them when we are writing. This term we are learning about narratives and about all the elements that make a great story. We have learned that a narrative has a structure with a beginning middle and an end; that it has characters, a setting, a problem and a solution. We have looked at many of our favourite narratives to identify these things and have started to create our own original narratives to share with the class!

From the Prinicpal


Dear Parents/Caregivers and Students

I hope you are all going well and are managing to travel through these unprecedented times of constant change as it can create anxiety in both adults and children alike. We are ensuring our children at school are feeling safe and happy in an environment that is calm, structured and engaging them in learning.  We continue to follow the advice from Catholic Education SA that our school remains open, which is also directed by the Federal Government.

We understand that some families are now making decisions about their child’s attendance and we respectfully acknowledge this is made with much consideration for the family itself.  Our teachers continue to deliver their learning programmes to the children, and we are making every effort to support any child who may not be at school.  I am extremely proud and grateful to the professionalism of our teachers who are managing this extra workload in supporting children’s learning at home as well as the children who are attending school. 

We are developing contingency plans to ensure we can provide Continuity of Learning for our children in the event our school is asked to close.

Based on direction from Catholic Education SA, we have postponed all events until at least the end of Term 1.  This includes Assemblies, Prayer Services, Harmony Day, Play Group, Occasional Care, Parent/Teacher Learning Conferences, swimming programme R-4, and all other non-essential learning and events that involves visits. 

Cleaning:  There has been an increase in the cleaning of all classrooms and toilets in the interim.

Our focus with our students is to discuss the importance of personal hygiene, especially at school, washing hands after using the bathrooms, before and after eating, staying at home if unwell, coughing or sneezing into a tissue; or if not the elbow area of your arm.

In these challenging and, for us, largely unprecedented times, we need to remember that we are there for each other, for your families and students.

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 I have included a link further in this newsletter to a video by Bishop Greg O’Kelly who acknowledges the difficult times we are now experiencing.  He refers to the words of St Paul about darkness and light.   Indeed, we can feel we are all in a time of ‘darkness’ right now, but it is out of darkness that we experience ‘light’ and that we are actually that ‘Light’.  Ultimately, love is what matters most for all of us – we need to keep being the best we can be by being kind, considerate, mindful, seeing the beauty around us and in us and the goodness that lies in each other.

With best wishes and God’s blessing

Anne Donnelly

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