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Learning the Spanish Language


¡Hola!  A todos

It is very exciting to show some of the learning that happens in the Spanish classroom.

All classes learn different themes.  This year they are using a site called Rockalingua, that helps us practice the language through fun and engagment in learning.

Here is a showcase of some students and their impressions about the learning of the Spanish language.

Impression of Rockalinga

Year 1/2

"I like Rockalingua because you can play and learn.  I played a colour game and learned colours in Spanish."  By Mariana

"I like Rockalingua because it is fun to learn different Spanish words." 
By Nate

"I like Rockalingua because it is fun and help my brain grow by learning Spanish and that is important to me."  By Chelsea

"We like Rockalingua and Fun Spanish because there are videos and games so we can learn songs and words."  By Amelia & Poppy

"I like Rockalingua because it makes it fun to learn Spanish."  By Daniel

"Rockalingua is fun because you can play Spanish games. "By Tyree

"I like Rockalingua because I really want to talk in Spanish."  By Noah G

Year 3/4

"I like Rockalingua because I can review on vocabulary."  By Miles

Year 5/6

"We like Spanish because there are many activities to engage in.  We learnt how to answer questions and have basic conversations.  To learn this we used flash cards and laid them out with the correct responses to the questions asked."
By William & Madison

"In Spanish we were memorising and matching the rooms of the house.  For this task we had to match the text with the rooms of the house.  We had to memorise this before we could do the activity from a sheet.  We learned the correct pronunciation of the names of the rooms in our houses."  By Sienna P, dia and Chloe


"I like the puppet activitiy because we can learn names for the family."  By Oliver

"I like the puppet activity because we can learn names for the family."  By Oliver

"I like the matching game where you match phrases in Spanish and English." 
By Henry & Archi