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Aboriginal Culture Through Art



This term the Reception class have been looking closely at the Aboriginal Culture through Art. This connected well to last week’s National Reconciliation Week and the theme of “In this Together’.  We have looked at the colours used in the Aboriginal flag, dreamtime stories, rock paintings, Aboriginal symbols used in art and traditional dot paintings.  We learnt about different stories through looking at dot paintings and the techniques used to create them.  We also shared our opinions on different dot paintings and what we believed they were trying to show.


We really enjoyed creating our own dot paintings.  They are now hanging up in the junior primary corridor and we love looking at them everyday.

Class 5/6 Ms Sue Hackett



Year 5/6Hackett have been learning about Mary, the first disciple, who listened to the Word of God in her life, and responded to this with faith, courage and love.  We learnt that Mary’s faithfulness, as expressed in the Magnificat, provides us with a model of discipleship and an example of Christian love for the poor.

Crazy Hair day was an opportunity not only to have some much-needed fun but to also spend some time reflecting on the discipleship of Mary.  We were able to provide money for Project Compassion which will help support those who are in need of our support.

We hope you like our “crazy hair”!

Class 1/2JM


How we celebrated Mother's Day in year 1/2JM.

We were growing sunflowers and making Mother's Day cards for our Mums. 

We enjoyed thinking of reasons we love our Mums:

"Thank you for taking me on walks." Kuljot

"Thank you for teaching me to cook and helping with my topic talks." Poppy

"Thank you for getting Buddy (my dog), paying for everything and for the best school lunches." Mitchell 

Landscape Photo Collage (3).png

From the Principal


Dear Parents and Carers

We offer our grateful thanks to all our parents who have sent messages of support and affirmation for the wonderful work our staff have done in preparing for this term.  It is good that we can move forward knowing that you understand we are in a unique situation and as such, are having to be flexible with the constant shift between home and school learning. We now have most of our students attending school this term, and they are settling well into their term; learning well together with their teachers.

The high number of students attending school now means that whilst we are still supporting the few children who remain at home for home learning, we have now moved back to face to face teaching and learning. We will be providing a Semester 1 Report towards the end of this term (26 June 2020) and will provide an opportunity for Parent/Teacher Learning Conference via telephone in the final two weeks of school.  Further details will be forwarded to families. 

We continue to have the safety and well-being of the children and staff as a priority and will continue to be vigilant with our hygiene practices and cleaning procedures.  We are very grateful to parents/carers who continue to use the kiss’n drop area when dropping off and collecting their child.  We hope process will not be for long, as a close and strong community is so important to us, however, under the present situation of adults still needing to distance themselves, it is deemed a necessary request.  

Resource Centre Development 

We are excited to inform you that the plans for the redevelopment of the Resource Centre continues this term.  We are continuing to work with our architects with the final design brief.  We hope to have this design completed by the end of this term. 

Enrolment - Term 3 2020 & Term 1 2021

If you have a child who is eligible for Term 3 Reception in 2020 or for Term 1, 2021 and have not enrolled them, please contact the school office as soon as possible on 8279 8810.

Wednesday 20 May

Yesterday we will be celebrated CRAZY HAIR DAY!  Children to brought a coin donation to help raise money for Caritas, and had lots of fun with their creative hair styles!  This day was part of our social justice focus with our students, enabling them to understand how they can make a difference for others, even in small ways.

Class 3/4 Mrs Lorene Billing


Here are some examples of art work from a group of Year 3/4 LB Students- Avah, Bailee, Ava, Leandra & Leila.


The students started with a black piece of cardboard.  They drew then cut out their desired shapes from the edges of a piece of white paper. Then they stuck the shapes in a reverse image to give a mirror image, but in a positive, negative effect.

From the Principal


Dear Parents and Caregivers

A very warm welcome back to school (and online) to all our students and families.  I hope the holidays were enjoyable and that you have all had a chance to rest and relax with your family, although it has been a quieter Easter holiday for us all this year! 

We have been living quite intensely these past few weeks.  We are in a period of history that is teaching us many things – lessons about our society, our families and ourselves.  We have had time to think about who we are, what we’re doing and forcing us to stop and just be still.  I had lots of walks during the holidays – as I’m sure you have too and what I am noticing more and more is the number of people quietly moving about, whether singular or in family groups, bike riding or walking the dog.   I’ve never said hello to so many people in my neighbourhood!  Early on Saturday morning I stood at the end of my driveway with a candle looking over at other people in my street on ANZAC Day remembering those who fought to keep our country safe and free from oppression.  It was quite haunting to hear the strains of reveille sounding in the darkness, knowing that we were all together, even though ‘distant’, remembering those from the past and present who continue to keep our country safe, even if these times of COVID-19. 

As you will be aware, the state and federal governments have requested students to return to school this term, and it has been wonderful to see more of our students return this term.  They have settled in very well this week and have engaged enthusiastically in their online learning experiences.  We continue to maintain high standards of hygiene for our students – ensuring students are regularly washing their hands throughout the day and accessing hand sanitizer as they move back into the classrooms after play.  Our Playground equipment is cleaned each day.  Desks and chairs are cleaned daily as well.


We have many students who are also learning from home, and I have had the opportunity to sit in on lessons and listen to students’ conversations with their teachers.  I have also been able to view the learning designed by the teachers for online learning and I am inspired by their creativity and generosity in providing this new format for learning with all our students. It is amazing how we have adapted to connecting in new ways of learning with our students.  The students too, have been inspirational in the way they have been so flexible in learning in new ways!  I know that you as parents and carers have been very busy at home.   I wish to reassure you that the teachers will continue to be connecting and supporting the students with online learning and your support at home has been nothing short of fantastic!  Thank you for your great contribution too.  We are all in this together!

Many thanks to families who now are using our drop off zones.  We are greeting our students each morning and understand this new routine may be difficult for some, but all appears to be moving along smoothly for them at the beginning and end of day. 

Any future changes to our school routines will be notified to families as soon as possible. 

We are extremely grateful of the outpouring of support from many of you towards the school; it is greatly appreciated.  Your words of encouragement continue to lift us up.

School Uniform

All students returning to school are now required to be in their Winter Uniform.  

Hats do not have to be worn until Term 4.

Please contact the school office if you have any queries regarding the supply of the school uniform.  Parents are requested to advise what item and size of uniform you require and they will be sourced on your behalf if available.   Families will be advised when they may collect the uniform from the Front Office..

With best wishes and God’s blessing

Anne Donnelly