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Class 5/6SH



The year 5/6SH class followed the Olympic games and the amazing athletes in Tokyo at the 2020 Olympics. We made Olympic torches and wrote a newspaper report on either an athlete or an event. Check out the artistic talent of some of our students in the gallery below!

Sue Hackett
(Classroom Teacher)

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Classes RE SW & CE


Reception Nature Play Day  

In Religion, both reception classes have been learning about God and all of the wonderful natural creations. To help children learn about God’s creation children participated in a range of activities including:  

Mud kitchen  
Weeding, planting and watering garden beds  
Nature play dough  
Nature art  
Nature patterns 

Courtney Elliott & Sarah Willetts

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Classes 3/4 MK-CS & LB-JM


SA Maritime Museum

Our 3/4 learning community had a fantastic time attending learning sessions and exploring the South Australian Maritime Museum earlier this term. 

This complemented our historical learning about Australia’s first explorers and the impact they had on the indigenous people of our country. 

The program at the South Australian Maritime Museum provided students with an opportunity to explore: 

• Why ships sailed across the seas to faraway places; 

• How they navigated their way; 

• Who they encountered on their way; 

• Who and what was on board; 

• What the conditions were like on the ships; and 

• What impact they had on the people that have lived on this continent forever. 

Students strengthened their learning about early maritime encounters and how various groups including Aboriginal people, European navigators, and Macassan fishermen engaged and interacted. 

Special highlights were wandering through the ‘First Fleet- Life on board’ exhibit and investigating the replica Ketch. 

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Classes 5/6 LT & SH


Anzac Day

Students from years 5/6, Sue Hackett & Leigh Turbill, reflected on ANZAC DAY through words and pictures.

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Year 1/2 KM Swimming 2021!


Last week the Reception to year 5 students participated in swimming lessons at the Thebarton Swimming Center. Students learnt a range of skills to improve their swimming and learnt how to keep themselves and others safe in the water. There were some big jumps and dives into...

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Class 3/4 Lorene Billing/James McCarthy


Cricket Clinic

Cricket is an extremely popular sport in Australia. Both at international, domestic, and local levels. From parents, juniors to “old faithfuls”, cricket is a game for everyone!

We have been very fortunate to have had Tommy Favor take cricket clinics for the school for 8 weeks. Some of the skills that Tommy has been teaching are:

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Harmony Day - Friday 19 March


Dear Families

This week we are celebrating Harmony Day on Friday!! 

Harmony Week is a time to celebrate Australian multiculturalism, and the successful integration of migrants into our community. Australia is one of the most successful multicultural countries in the world and we should celebrate this and work to maintain it

At Our Lady Queen of Peace, we have so many nationalities in our community, and in my 8 weeks, I have been delighted to see...

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CLASS RE Mrs Courtney Elliott



On Tuesday 2 March the Reception classes went on their first excursion to the Adelaide Fringe to see a show called The Lost Sheep Show, presented by Andrew McDonough. In this action packed, storytelling, sheep-drawing extravaganza, children discovered how picture books are made and saw an illustrator in action.  Along with this, they heard exciting stories and had the opportunity to draw their own sheep and other animals.

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From the Principal


Dear Families

Be More! As educators we are always working with children to aspire to achieve more – but can they Be More?  As a parent sometimes I would it even possible! What I do is more than enough!  

Consider the well-known words of Saint Oscar Romero 

“Aspire not to have more, but to be more.” 

This year Project Compassion challenges us to... 

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Class 5/6SH



We created an 'All About Me' Hoodie that each of us filled with information about ourselves.  The hoodie presents our favourite things, expresses our passion and some interesting details about us. They look great in our room!  

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