Student Wellbeing

Pastoral care is the commitment Our Lady Queen of Peace School makes to the total health and wellbeing of our students and with the development of the whole child.

Our Student Wellbeing program is comprehensive and supports our students’ wellbeing, values and culture, creating a positive environment in which our staff and students can learn and work.

We ensure that we are providing an environment that is welcoming, respectful, safe and healthy for the whole school community.  We promote inclusion and celebrate diversity.

Some of the ways in which we support individual students include:

  • Offering a broad and comprehensive range of activities and extra-curricular opportunities to give all students the opportunity to develop a sense of pride and feeling of success.
  • Good Beginnings program: transitions all students into the new year, focussing on developing positive relationships with one another.
  • Implementing KidsMatter as our overarching well-being framework.
  • Providing supportive, caring and inspiring environments that are appropriate to individual student’s learning needs and abilities.
  • Providing all our students with positive role models, mentoring opportunities and support in forming meaningful relationships to assist them through their school lives.
  • Offering many leadership opportunities to students at all levels.
  • Providing access to our School Chaplain.
  • Every child is involved in programs such as Program Achieve, KidsMatter, Good Beginnings and Restorative Justice.

Program Achieve

At Our Lady Queen of Peace we implement 'Program Acheive' program as part of our social and emotional wellbeing for our students.  We explicitly teach the skills and knowledge that students need to apply to their everyday lives to deal with conflict resolution, making friendships, managing their feelings and being successful in achieving their goals.

We incorporate the five ‘Keys to Success’ and the associated Habits of the Mind in the program.

The Five Keys to Success are:

  1. Confidence
  2. Persistence
  3. Organisation
  4. Getting Along
  5. Resilience

The 12 Habits of the Mind include:

  1. Accepting Myself
  2. Taking Risks
  3. Being Independent
  4. I Can Do It
  5. Giving Effort
  6. Working Tough
  7. Setting Goals
  8. Planning My Time
  9. Being Tolerant of Others
  10. Thinking First
  11. Playing by the Rules, and
  12. Social Responsibility

Across the school,we not only teach the knowledge through the curriculum but also implement it through other areas of learning like physical education, literacy, yard behaviour, classroom routines and other subject areas. Program Achieve becomes a focus at assemblies by awarding children who are developing well, and also a focus on staff development.