Action in Faith

Our Lady Queen of Peace School and the broader faith community, in which it is situated, exist to educate and form young people in Catholic discipleship; offering them experiences of following Jesus as members of that community.

Such experiences include:

  • Daily prayer, Weekly Community Prayer, Weekly Christian Meditation
  • Class and Whole-School Masses and Liturgies
  • Formal Religious Education lessons
  • Sacramental Program: preparing students for Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist
  • Annual retreats for both senior students and staff.

Staff formation through professional learning, study and retreat Evangelising through social action promotes the values of Justice and Charity in the activities of those who participate.

Students at Our Lady Queen of Peace School engage in Outreach and Social Justice Initiatives, such as:

  • Backpacks for Refugees
  • Caritas Australia : Project Compassion
  • Vinnies Christmas Appeal and Winter Appeal
  • Walk a Mile in My Boots (supporting the Hutt St Homeless Centre)
  • Mercy Works
  • Catholic Charities.

Our School Chaplain

Pastoral Care is built on a foundation of acceptance, encouragement, listening, negotiation, respect, support and trust.  These are the qualities that I will encourage students to develop and incorporate in their everyday lives.  Through the creative use of The Arts and through conversations, The school encourages students to fulfill their potential and in turn, build a close relationship with God.