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Parent/Teacher Conferences


Please click here to schedule your P/T Conference/s.

Please note online bookings close this Friday 29 March at 2.00pm.

Thank you, Anne Donnelly

Season of Lent


As we begin our journey through the Season of Lent, at times we see our humanity as frail and helpless, particularly with news of sad events occurring within our own family and friends or what we hear and see through the media.   In Luke’s gospel we can reflect on how Lent can be a time for entering into the “wilderness” or “desert place” and grappling with the mysteries of life.  Human retreat to the wilderness can be an opportunity to encounter...

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Principal's Message


Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students

Last week our students celebrated Shrove Tuesday, which is the last day before the Lenten season begins.   We had a great morning with pancakes galore!  The children thoroughly enjoyed their special treat.  Many thanks to the parents who assisted in making hundreds of pancakes and serving the children!  Special thanks to the P & F Committee, and other parents who volunteered and for their organisation in preparing for the Pancake Celebration and to our wonderful families who were able to donate pancake mixture for our yummy pancakes. 

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APRIM News...


The Season of Lent

Ash Wednesday was celebrated with a whole-school liturgy in the OLQP Church on March 6. A number of families joined us from our community for this liturgical service. Hosted by our student leaders from the Student Representative Council and the Earth Guardian Committee, where we were reminded of both Jesus’ love for us and the daily commitment to be faithful to the teachings of the Gospels.

Project Compassion

Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion Campaign now commenced. Collection boxes have been distributed to all classes and can now be seen on prayer tables in...

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Helpful Hints Part Two: Reading


You make a difference to your children’s reading journey.  Your role as an advocate for your children’s reading success cannot be overestimated. It has a direct impact on the ease and confidence with which they pursue their reading and writing.

It is the joy and love of sharing a good book on a nightly basis that sets the foundation for their reading success, and ensures that reading is given the priority it deserves. Reading regularly with someone who cares is the inspiration that all readers deserve.


When it comes to reading and supporting children’s literacy development, parents...

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Helpful Hints Part One: Reading


Welcome to my new blog!  This week is Part One of a series of handy hints on how to assist and help at home with Literacy.

Working With Your children On Reading

Top 25 Tips for emerging readers:

  1. Read to your child as often as you can
  2. Talk about books/characters/plots/letters and sound relationships
  3. Enrol your child and family in your local library
  4. Provide a good role model by reading yourself, pointing out signs, street titles, names of shopping centres, cafes, print in general!  It is everywhere.  This is called Environmental Print
  5. Watch popular...
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Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students


We are travelling towards the middle of the term, which seems amazing!  There has already been so much great learning occurring in all the learning spaces here at Our Lady Queen of Peace.

This is also an opportunity to reflect and name what we all look forward and work towards in 2019. 

Parents have a significant influence on their child’s learning.   On average a child will spend 75 – 85% of their waking hours outside of school.  Therefore, parents’ engagement in the education of their child is pivotal in enabling them to achieve their potential.  Parents can help...

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Magical Music


Hi everyone and welcome to week 5!

Catholic Schools Music Festival Choir

Students are reminded to bring their forms back ASAP (with the $45 fee), in order to receive their books and CDs.  Students are also reminded to come to rehearsals prepared with their choir books and drink bottles.  1sts rehearsal after lunch from 1:30 – 2:15pm on Friday afternoons, while 2nds rehearsal from 2:15 – 3:00pm on Friday afternoons.

Students will be receiving Media Consent forms this week – these must be returned ASAP via your child's class box.

OLQP School Band

The OLQP School band rehearses on Thursday afternoons, from 2:15pm.

Instrumental music students are welcome to join, depending on availability of instruments. For example, limited places for piano, voice and drums are available. Currently, the band

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Parents & Friends News


Hello Everyone

We are already in week 5 of the school term….it’s gone quick !


We would love to welcome the new P&F members: Amanda, Louisa and Bec, thank you for offering your time helping the school and the children with the yearly fundraising events.
We are always looking for a helping hand so if you can spare some time to help with any event then please let us know.

Shrove Tuesday - Tuesday 5 March

The children all look forward to this day and love pancakes in the morning so we would appreciate any donations for the following  item:  pancake mix, lemons, maple syrup, paper plates and serviettes.  All items can be placed in the Parent Room or left with staff in the School Office.  Thanking you in advance!

Next P&F meeting will be on Wednesday 20 March.

We look forward to a great year and raising some funds for the school.

Magical Music!


Hi everyone! 

Catholic Schools Music Festival Choir 2019

Planning has started for this year’s Catholic Schools Music Festival and students in years 5 & 6 are encouraged to sign up for this wonderful experience.  Our practice sessions will be on Friday after lunch (1:30pm) in the music room.  The goal for this year is to again have a full choir of firsts and seconds so the more, the merrier!

OLQP School Band

Instrumental music students are invited to...

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